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Educational Articles on the Value of Using Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Ten Reasons Children Should Read Comic Books

Sadly, comic books have often been looked at as a second-rate form of literature. Educators and parents, alike, have long preferred books that were heavy on text, and light on illustrations. Proclaiming "the classics" as a means by which all children should be educated was forever at the foundation of Language Arts instruction. A new generation of teachers are rediscovering the immense value of these texts.    READ MORE

Toronto’s Comic Book Empire Writes Back


The remarkable insights of the stalwarts of these specialized books and unique literacies offer a new dimension to the understanding of a medium that features harmonized text with spectacular illustrative power. As much as their knowledge frames a new understanding for the student of the comic book era, so, too, does their collective framing of an environment, a “scene”, and most importantly a community, to make it a total encounter for the mind, the body, and soul of those who are growing up, have grown up, and who live by the mantra, “Geek is sheik.”   READ MORE

Raising Super Readers: Benefits of Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Do you remember those wordless picture books that your toddler might have chewed on? Well, there are also wordless comic books. These offer a plethora of learning benefits – critical thinking, sequencing, imagination, storytelling, and creativity. Just think, every time that your child reads the book, it will be completely unique. Although the book is filled with pictures, it's a blank slate just waiting for your child's imagination to take shape.  READ MORE

How the Humble Comic Book Could become the Next Classroom Superhero

You might think comics are just packed full of superheroes, funny animals and silly jokes, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. But while the term “comic book” might also bring to mind something that is outdated and just for young kids, what you might not know is that comics are being used to great effect in many classrooms and lecture theatres around the world.  READ MORE

Turning Struggling Students into Superheroes: Comic Books as Teaching Tools

The following guest post is an excerpt from Michael Strom’s graduate thesis Finding Comfort in Comics: Using Comic Books and Graphic Novels to Reach Struggling Male Readers. Strom is a graduate student at C.W. Post where he is pursuing his Masters of Science in Literacy.  READ MORE

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