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The Comic Book Project is a world-renowned literacy initiative that engages young people in the process of planning, writing, designing, and publishing original comic books. Founded by Dr. Michael Bitz in 2001. Since then, the CBP has engaged more than 250,000 learners in a creative process leading to academic achievement, social awareness, and community development. By engaging youths in brainstorming, sketching, plotting, designing, and publishing original comic books, CBP encourages students to become active learners and content creators, rather than mere information receivers. The Comic Book Project has now landed in Canada. 



In 2002, CBP conducted a comprehensive evaluation in New York City with the help of three important advocates for urban education: the After-School Corporation, the Partnership for After-School Education, and the Fund for the City of New York. The pilot involved more than 700 youths at 33 sites across New York City. The results showed that CBP was extremely effective as a motivational tool and pathway to learning, specifically in the areas of literacy, social awareness, character development, and community building. The results of the pilot program were published in two well-respected peer-reviewed journals: The Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (Bitz, M.) and Art Education (Bitz, M).

In 2009, CBP was implemented in Imperial Valley, California through a grant from the US Department of Education. Imperial County--with one of the highest rates of English language learners and highest rates of unemployment in the US--used CBP as a tool for building English proficiency and overall academic skills. An independent evaluation showed that students who participated in CBP demonstrated significant gains in their test scores. Read the report here.

As CBP goes global, the evidence of success for learners worldwide continues to grow. In 2015, the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy published "Creating Comics in Nigeria: International Reflections on Literacy, Creativty, and Student Engagement" (Bitz, M. & Emejulu, O.). This article establishes CBP as a worldwide model for literacy building.

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