Parents and/or educators and students receive a blended audience presentation or a direct-to-student presentation from the Comic Book Project Canada. Following the presentation, the Comic Book Project Canada will conduct the full workshop with its instructional resources and materials. Comic books may be uploaded for digital and print publication, subject to an additional fee for individualized school or group publications. This package is available as an in-person or Skype presentation, if distance is a factor.


30 Comic Book Project Canada production books and character creation guides.

30 Sketch Design Kits and fifteen clay packages.

A one -time guided workshop from beginning to end.

Personalized class / school comic book anthology produced by the Comic Book Project Canada (5 promotional copies).

Cost: $450

Grades: Grades Three to Six

Duration: 2 Hours

Additional Costs, if Applicable: $150 extra for every 30-student set.



League of Superheroes


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