Direct-to-student-workshop where students are asked to bring a sparsely to unanimated book they are required to read or would like to attempt to read. The Comic Book Project Canada team will work with them on producing an illustrated version of the book (dependent on size) in its entirety or a significant chapter. This is a one-time workshop; continuances are available for an additional fee.


10 Comic Book Project Canada production books and character creation guides.

10 Sketch Design Kits and fifteen clay packages.

Enrollment is limited to ten students, if each student brings a unique text.

Enrollment may be expanded to 25 if it is a common text.


Cost: $450 - $800 (Twenty-Five Common Text)

Grades: Grades Three to Six

Duration: 2 Hours

Additional Costs, if Applicable: $150 extra for every 30-student set. Continuance fee to be determined by the contracting organization / Board / school.



Reluctant Readers and Writers Workshop


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