Attention Educators!



If you are not located in the G.T.A. or you simply wish to run our program on your own, without the benefit of our personal workshop, no problem! We will happily ship all of our comic book creation materials directly to you, and you may conduct the program at a pacing and time of your choosing.


You will receive the following items:


  • Video of instruction, guidance and tips on how to conduct our workshops.
  • Scaffolding materials on how to create characters (heroes and villains).*
  • Graphic organizers especially designed for comic book and graphic novel creation.
  • The rights to reproduce our copyrighted comic book format master document for forty students.
  • The opportunity to submit authorized student work to our social media feeds and our annual anthology of student work.
  • The creation of an anthology of your own students’ work solely for your own Board, school, or community organization. (Edited and produced by the Comic Book Project Canada with five complimentary copies.)


*Materials will not include clay, sculpting tools, or art pencils. These are only supplied for our in-person workshops.


Teachers Do-It-Yourself Package


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